#ISCUA 2019

The I symposium on Conservation of Underwater Archaeological Heritage that brings together the past, present and most innovative research in the field

 #ISCUA2019 was a unique and original event that brought together more than 40 work-class professionals.

Experts from all over the world presented their projects to an audience with a common theme.

It is not usual to have a congress solely and exclusively on this subject since conservation in underwater conservation is usually just one chapter among many others related to archaeology. Throughout the different sessions, it became clear that the two disciplines (archaeology and conservation) are highly interconnected despite their current separation. This connection lets us fantasise about applying the latest technological advances to safeguard the underwater archaeological heritage. It is essential to highlight all the technological innovations in research projects presented and which will be an inspiration for current and future generations of restoration-conservation professionals, as well as for other, direct or indirect, roles in archaeology.

Formentera conference hall (Photo by Nikolina Ćuk)
Formentera conference hall (Photo by Nikolina Ćuk)

Times are moving forward, and more and more importance is being given to preserving underwater cultural heritage. There is a clear need and a demand on the part of professionals to continue training to be able to face the challenges they must face in their work and projects with total professionalism. And what better way than to bring them all together in one place?

The #ISCUA was created for this purpose, to bring together professionals in the field of underwater conservation and restoration (students, researchers, companies and related institutions) in a single triennial event. It was the place to exchange ideas and experiences with full scientific, academic and professional rigour. It was the ideal context for specialised, up-to-date and quality training. It made it possible to transform the distance between all the researchers into a more intimate and collaborative environment, creating solid personal and professional relations stimulated by a shared preoccupation with the preservation of UCH.

Lighthouse  La Mola  (Photo by Nikolina Ćuk)


ISCUA was the 1st Symposium of Conservation for Underwater Archaeology (ISCUA), held in 2019 in the Formentera island. It was organized by the Institut Balear d’Estudis en Arqueología Marítima (IBEAM) in collaboration with the Council of Formentera. That it served as a platform to disseminate leading research in the preservation of our maritime cultural heritage. This Symposium was aims to continue with the training of the youngest generations in the field, as well as to create future links between differents institutions and invited specialists. This book, is the result of the best reunion ever.

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