Exciting News: ISCUA’23 Welcomes Foundation Abel Matutes as New Sponsor!

The journey of the remarkable “Abel Matutes Foundation,” named after its President and founder, Abel Matutes Juan, began in 1978 when Abel Matutes was elected Senator and dedicated his entire salary to supporting youth sports teams, student groups, and various social activities on both islands.

In the early days, the President and founder himself led and directed the now established Abel Matutes Foundation, which he later entrusted to collaborators during his significant responsibilities as European Commissioner, later as a Member of the European Parliament, and eventually as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Today, nearly 30 years since the Foundation’s inception, with reinforced budgets, Abel Matutes Juan continues as President, but the institution is under the management and direction of his daughter, Carmen Matutes Prats.

The Foundation’s objectives include promoting culture, sports, scientific research, and sociological studies, as well as the preservation and defense of the Environmental, Artistic, Cultural, and Historical Heritage of Ibiza and Formentera. In these areas, it provides assistance (both financial and other forms of collaboration) to individuals and institutions in any field or sector that benefits or is useful to the islands of Ibiza and Formentera and their people.

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